Wide-awake Dreaming

My image, ‘Hand’ has been included in Wide-awake Dreaming, online exhibition at The Vermont Photography Workplace / PhotoPlace Gallery. It has also been included in the accompanying book which you can see here.

Dreams and fantasies often seem like the terrain of stories and poems, rather than the literal lens of the camera.  However, from the early days of the medium to the present, the capacity of the photograph to suggest, as well as to state, has preoccupied visionary photographers.  For “Wide-Awake Dreaming” exactly 1000 photographs were submitted by 187 photographers that conjured up states of mind, memories, emotions, metaphors, and the surreal through their subjects and style.
Juror Russell Joslin selected forty photographs for exhibition on the walls of PhotoPlace Gallery Nov. 2nd through Nov. 24th  and on the gallery website.  He then chose an additional thirty-five images for PhotoPlace’s “On-Line Gallery Annex.”  The selected work represents artists from 22 states, as well as Belgium, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.