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New Acquisitions 2010-2020 Exhibition


Georgina Campbell is a very accomplished artist and photographer, whose works have been widely exhibited. This artwork is very timely for the issue it addresses – global warming/climate change, and also very innovative and accessible. The connection between the materiality and structure of the folded form lends itself to the subject matter on many levels (shape mimicking the shape of icebergs, the folding is relatable and alludes to the uncertain and unknowable future, etc.)

Most viewers will recognise the object that this artwork has been folded to look like, and instantly enjoy and understand the connotations of this object that playfully pretends to tell your fortune or future. It should be displayed as an accessible educational piece to introduce children (and adults!) to the idea that art can be playful, while alluding to its deeper meaning.

The Photography Ideas Book

I am in this book! I’m quite excited to have some of my scanner camera images in print and got a hardcopy sent from the publisher yesterday. Now I can show you a page about me and my scanner camera projects that I’ve been working on for over 12 years between other projects. More stuff coming on the scanner soon but for now I am so pleased to be in this book published by Ilex and the Tate, authored by Lorna Yabsley.
All my UK friends – go to the Tate and look at it in person – I’m on page 108.

Price: £12.99
ISBN-13: 9781781577516

I’m working on the hardware side of things these days but you can see more stuff at

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Banyule Award for Works on Paper 2019

I have this work in the Banyule Award for Works on Paper show opening Wednesday 28th August, 2019.

Fortune Teller #1 (Iceberg), 2019. folded archival inkjet print on paper, artist’s proof. 

This work is a test piece utilising the schoolyard divination technique of the “fortune teller”, a piece of paper folded in a specific order that can be manipulated to reach a conclusion about the users future.  Icebergs are literally on the threshold of change as rates of melting increase and icebergs are found drifting further afield and earlier than in previous seasons.

Designed not to be opened, this “fortune teller” becomes a sculptural form at this larger than usual scale. The viewer cannot actually determine an outcome but can only see hints of possible futures through the folds. The various flaps depict icebergs slowly melting in their natural habitat while the inner, un-viewable, layer depicts a vast dark endless ocean.

The Banyule Award for Works on Paper is awarded biennially to an outstanding contemporary work on paper. It is open to all Australian artists. The award is an acquisitive prize, with the winning artwork entered into the Banyule Art Collection.

Artists are invited to respond to a theme, and can submit work in any medium, as long as it is made on, or with paper paper.

This is a selective process, with the finalists’ exhibition held at Hatch Contemporary Artspace, Ivanhoe. We received an overwhelming 439 entries to the 2019 Banyule Award for Works on Paper.


New Book Out Now

Photographic works based on the Strange Loop concept of working ones way through a seemingly hierarchical structure giving the impression of moving forward only to end up back where you started thus forming a Strange Loop. These works are about the strange landscape of Iceland, being stuck, but with a great sense of momentum occurring at the same time. Part biographical, the works represent my own Strange Loop of returning to Iceland in the exact opposite order from arriving there 3 years previously, and the events that occurred in between including losing all my digital data and all the images I had spent 3 months making thus being back at the start of a very strange loop.

Hardcover, 100 pages, colour.

AUD $110 / GBP £65 / USD $80 approx.

Purchase here



CLIP Awards, 2017

So pleased to have my work, Mountain With Lights, 2016 included in this years CLIP Awards at the Perth Centre for Photography.

The CLIP Award is an internationally recognised photographic prize for new perspectives in natural and   urban landscape photography. The selection criteria focuses on images which are original, stimulating,  and that challenge traditional notions of landscape photography. Open to all artists practicing in the medium of photography, the CLIP Award offers award entrants with  the chance to have their work viewed by a selection panel consisting of leading National and  International industry professionals who will select of approximately 40 artworks to be featured in a  professional group exhibition at the Perth Centre for Photography accompanied by an exhibition catalogue  and online promotion. The exhibition will be launched with public exhibition opening on March 23rd 2017 There will be three cash prizes awards offered, the Student Prize of $1000, the Judges Commendation of  $500 and the Overall CLIP Award of $3000.


MAMA National Photography Prize Exhibtion

I have my work, Lightbulb, 2014, included in the Murray Art Museum Albury 2016 Photography Prize exhibition. This work was created with one of my scanner cameras and is available in an edition of 5. 40x40cm.

Lightbulb print version


More than 100 works by 65 established and emerging photographers will be showcased in the 2016 MAMA National Photography Prize exhibition opening on Saturday 21 May. The works of the 2016 finalists, which tackle the themes of Narrative, Object, Landscape, Portrait, Documentary and Construct will be on show, and available for purchase throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Established in 1983, the biennial prize is the longest-running and, at $50,000, among the most lucrative, acquisitive photography prizes in Australia. More than 90 works have been acquired by MAMA since the award’s inception, adding to and enriching the museum’s superb collection of more than 1000 photographic works.

Check it out here


Previously, I was also recently included in the Perth Centre for Photography’s CLIP Awards. My landscape work Magic Playground, 2013 was exhibited. Edition of 3, 2 available.

Magic Playground