Eternal Sunset, 2019.
video loop, raspberry pi, tinylcd monitor, usb cable, custom timber frame.

Untitled. Rock experiment – a real rock found naturally split apart. I joined it back together but with a new extension piece. Found rock, polymer clay. Iceland, 2017.

Untitled (Video Vanitas), 2016, raspberry pi, LCD, usb cable, SD card, felt, found dome, wire, alligator clips.
A timelapse video of flowers painting themselves using capillary action.

Energy Channeling Device, 2014 Balsa wood, scenic snow flakes, recycled rubber matting, timber, cotton rope, hot glue, nails. h45 x w70 x d60cm

Installation View, with Snow Study #1 and Snow Study #2 in background, 2015.


Untitled, (Scanner Camera #1), 2008, 23cm x 23cm x 21cm
Pine timber, Brass, metal corner brackets and hinges, repurposed Scanner parts, LED, Power Cable, USB cable, superglue, mdf, resin, blu-tak, timber stain, clear varnish.