Russia Projects

Webcam Self – Portraits, 2018.

Utilising the webcams dotted around St.Petersburg, I took self portraits using the screen capture function on my iPhone. I found the webcams and visited them positioning myself in the shot then taking the image. It is technically a cameraless selfie as I am using existing technology via the web to capture myself. Rather than using the technical skills expected of a photographer, the work is almost a performance piece due to the fact that I must physically travel to the site of the webcam…

“I have done a self portrait on all the active public web cameras in St.Petersburg. Its taken ages, a lot of frozen fingers and a very old iPhone battery that keeps shutting down in the cold. I have put a pink dot next to myself in each shot. The cameras are all on a delay of a few minutes so I was able to walk into shot, load up the feed on my phone and then do a screen shot after waving like a lunatic in the street. The cameras are not always visible so a lot of people were wondering what the hell I was doing.”



Instagram Test Project, 2018.

Custom coded Raspberry Pi computer, internet connection, screen.

I am interested in ideas relating to the what is happening in the world all at one moment, large distances far apart existing at the same time, and how technology can bring those places into one space. This test work utilises Instagram code to grab the latest image that i have posted to my account and displays it on any screen with at a white frame around it like a normal photo. There is no text or other images to indicate that it is coming from Instagram and the code is written to refresh the image at set intervals. Whenever I post a new image it will also be updated on this screen. This work is a test run to explore the idea of having a series of screens in an exhibition that would change and be different for every viewer.