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  • “Georgina Campbell’s images of cameras play on ideas of time and capture. The images were created with a flatbed scanner and place the camera in the spotlight as both historical artefact and the ancestor of modern digital devices. The use of the scanner suggests that the camera itself has become redundant moving from the agent to the subject of image making. It is as if even the photographer has been replaced. There is a certain poignancy to many of the images, loyal servants realising their day has come. Campbell uses cameras from her own collection to pay homage to the passing of an era. As we look into the lenses of the cameras we remember, we are called to observe the passing of our own time and possibly ask “where am I?””   –  Beth Crawther, exhibition catalogue from Queensland Center for Photography, 18 July – 16 August 2009.
  • “The dark and evocative prints of Georgina Campbell blend skulls, flesh and aged polished timber with a gothic sensibility.” – Aaron Martin,, 2007.

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